life coachSo I mentioned in my previous posts that I hired a life coach and would get into a bit more detail about how that came about and felt now was a good time.

I’ve only been working with Francesca 1:1 for a couple of weeks, but have known her for several years now. I met her when I signed up for her BETA group for a group business coaching program/mastermind. It was an amazing experience. I got to be part of an entrepreneur “tribe” and made friends that I still keep in touch with to this day. I knew I wanted to continue working with her down the line once the time was right, and here we are 🙂

A life coach has been one of the BEST investments I could’ve ever made in myself. I’ve heard people say how life coaches are awesome but never understood why until now. Maybe I didn’t understand exactly what they did, but I felt like I didn’t need one. “I know what I want to do – I got this”. Maybe I thought getting a coach was a sign of weakness, but I’ve learned it’s a sign of strength. We can’t do it all on our own, no matter how much we’d like to think that we can. We need to put our trust in the experts in their fields. If you think about any successful person out there, they have some kind of coach/mentor/etc in their corner.

I was getting in my own way A LOT. I have sooo much I want to accomplish and I want to accomplish it all RIGHT NOW, so you can imagine how well that’s been going considering I don’t exactly have a ton of free time. I needed someone objective and experienced to let me do a brain data dump, help me organize it, and break it up into tiny manageable pieces so I can start making progress on the goals I’ve set for myself. I say objective because another reason I had previously been putting off getting a coach was because I felt like I could just talk to hubby about everything since he’s my best friend. Yeah that doesn’t work lol. He’s a great support system, but not necessarily the best person to be able to help me come up with a plan to achieve all my goals.

I’ve learned so much about myself so far and am looking forward to seeing how much I progress/accomplish as we continue working together. I’ve created a life vision with steps on how to get there and have saved all my new vision board pictures. I’ll share more details on all of that next week 🙂