cancer horoscope

What a week.

Monday {July 4th} I skipped out on the pool, BBQ, and QT with my family and ended up staying home. It went totally against what I’m looking for in my life vision, but I needed a break. I’m tired of always running around every day and even more so on the weekends since ’tis is the season for a ton of special events. I wish I could say I spent it pampering/relaxing myself, but no, I spent it updating our house search spreadsheet. Yes I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of all the houses that come out and include things like the date it came out in the listing, county, town, price, # of bedrooms and bathrooms, and comments. Oh yeah we’re house hunting. That experience can be {and likely will be} another blog post of its own.

Tuesday I had my first coaching call with my amazing life/business coach Francesca. Yay! She wanted to hear all about my night out last week that prompted me to sign up with her the next day and asked what it is I’m looking for. I had some aha moments I noted {yup I took notes – #nerdstatus and proud of it}, like the fact that I’m not lazy even though I haven’t been doing things like working out. I’ve simply been doing other things i perceive to be more important at the time. I thought about my schedule and realized I’ve been making work a way bigger priority than it should be. Luckily, year end is over and things SHOULD calm down a bit at work, so this is the perfect time to scale back and focus more on the other aspects of my life that need attention. I also realized I judge/am WAY too hard on myself and need to give myself credit for everything I’ve accomplished so far. It could be my business mentality, but I wasn’t considering being a wife/mom/household organizer an accomplishment. It is though. Those roles each take a LOT of work and can be very draining, especially since most of it is done “behind the scenes” without tons of appreciation. She gave me a couple of homework assignments which I’m almost done with. I’ll go more into details on my life coaching experience/goals in another post as I continue to work on them.

Wednesday and Thursday I was very short tempered with my kids and realized it’s another area where I’m not living my life vision. I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I know why I’m lashing out and am going to work on becoming a more mindful and peaceful person {another life goal}.

Speaking of peace, I have to allude to what’s been going on in the news/media. I haven’t watched the news in years because I realized I’m too sensitive and get deeply affected by what I’m watching, but I am on social media which is an unofficial news source so I still get affected. What’s happening is sad/frustrating, but we can’t get so consumed in the negative that it affects the rest of our life. We only see what “they” want us to see and can’t give in to the brainwashing. Instead of “anti” this or that {which doesn’t work in the law of attraction}, it’s time for “pro”. I am pro peace and to quote Gandhi, I want to be the change that I wish to see in the world. Yet another life goal I have is to have an outlet where I can spread positive news to make up for all the negative news out there. The recent events are a sign to me that I need to start putting this goal into action right away. My hope is to inspire more people each day to focus on and share positive news which will put the negative news out of business. I’m kidding about putting them out of business, but realistically if positive news is what sells, “they’ll” be forced to compete to report on the most positive news so they can keep making money {which is unfortunately what makes the world go round, but might as well use it to my advantage}.

Today’s horoscope couldn’t have been more on point. Things ARE getting better because I’ve started actively making more of an effort to work on myself, and they will only continue to get better. I’ve accomplished a lot and have a lot more to go, but I’m getting there little by little, and can’t wait to change the world 🙂