{started writing yesterday and finished today}

Thursday morning workout ✔️

I was thinking about what pic to post today. Sunrise? I got out the house too late and missed most of it. Legs while doing leg extensions? That could work. Then I felt sweat dripping down and was like naaa this is it ? If you can’t already tell, I love “real” pictures {even if I do add a little filter sometimes}.

So today I want to real talk about something I don’t usually talk much in detail about – work. While working out, I heard a lyric “I really cannot wrap my head around the fact it’s taken me this long to finally realize I’m fantastic”.

I started thinking about how I should be so much further along in my career, but for whatever reason I’ve gotten passed up any time promotion opportunities have come along for the past 10+ years.

You could argue the fact that maybe I’m just not a “good/qualified” candidate, but I believe {and in speaking with coworkers who are shocked I haven’t been promoted} it’s not due to lack of skills/experience.

You could ask “why are you still there then?”. Tons of reasons. In short, I like what I do, it’s a GREAT company to work for {culture/benefits/flexibility}, and comfort.

I’ve tried not to let the fact I haven’t gotten promoted upset me, but at times it still comes out. It’s basically a cycle of “am I not good enough” vs “I’m good enough but it wasn’t meant to be”.

Ultimately I believe everything happens for a reason and either I’m not meant to get promoted {maybe I need to find a different role or a job outside the company, maybe I’m not ready for “mo money mo problems”, maybe I’m meant to be focusing on my coaching business}, OR it will eventually happen when the time is right.

I tell myself my worth isn’t based on my rank. I know {and others realize} the value I provide, so I don’t NEED the validation. The song lyric I heard reminded me of that.

I’m going to say this loud for the people in the back ?