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Bill Gates

So I got FB censored as spam earlier today for a comment I made where someone was asking for proof that Bill Gates mentioned digital certificates. I provided the Reddit link I share below and a minute later I got the above notification. I clicked “disagree” and all they did was give the BS excuse that they’ll use it to make future improvements.

I’m beyond furious with people thinking Bill Gates is some kind of savior. I posted about this in my stories but wanted to post about it on my blog so it stays up permanently for me to refer others to and so that IG, FB, or Twitter don’t censor me.

So what are my problems with him?


The ugly secret of working moms

Hubby shared an article with me the other day titled “The ugly secret of working moms” that I loved because it is the TRUTH. I’ll copy/paste a quote from it that I think sums it up well:

“We’re expected to do our jobs as if we don’t have children — and then raise our children as if we don’t have jobs,” she said. “If you think about the model of the ideal mother, it’s the person who sacrifices everything for her child. The ideal worker is someone who can drop everything and go on a business trip at a moment’s notice, and who can stay late — not leave at 5 o’clock to pick up kids. So if you’re trying to be both, then you are faking it.”

I can relate to this SO MUCH and I’m sure other moms can too.


I don’t know how to relax anymore

bathroom selfie

#iwokeuplikethis. Technically I had already been awake for like 4 hours, but this was when I finally dragged my ass out of bed and brushed my teeth/washed my face. I was expecting to look in the mirror and see that my curls were a hot mess because I don’t take care of my hair like I should before going to sleep to make them last longer, but surprisingly they still looked good so I had to take a #selfie. I used the “rise” IG filter which I thought was appropriate and love how it accentuates my dark undereye circles #momlife.

What does that have to do with not knowing how to relax? Nothing lol ? but I’ll get into that now.