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Keys to the house!

Happy birthday to me! ? I figured I’d write June’s blog post on my birthday, especially after finally having a bit of down time after the hecticness of this month.

We did it! After 10 years of house hunting, we FINALLY bought our hopefully forever home. It was quite the experience so I wanted to share it with you.


April 2019 update

Foam rolling my shoulders and arms after an upper body workout this week. I love all the bright colors hehe.

The universe played the biggest April Fool’s joke on me. I decided late last week to take Monday off because I needed a mental health day to do nothing but brain dump everything in my head. So what happened?


January 2019 update

Sky on fire – captured on my way back from the gym the other day #suckerforsunrises

Well first off – happy new year! ?

Just realized when looking at my blog that I hadn’t written a “formal” update aka blog post since October so here I am.


I’m a morning person?!

In and out of the gym before the sun rose today – who am I?

I went from waking up with hubby and the kids ~615am these past 4 weeks, to waking up at 530am these past 2 days, to now wanting to wake up at 5am starting tomorrow. I’m addicted.