No mom has it all together

no mom has it all together

So I was messaging with a friend earlier this week who’s had a really rough couple of months due to motherhood, finances, housekeeping, etc. You know – the usual mom struggles. I TOTALLY understood where she was coming from, but what really had me thinking was how we as moms always feel like we need to talk about these things privately, because if we share this kind of stuff on social media, then we’re whiners who just want attention and we become the people we sometimes secretly make fun of.


I have no social life

beach and home

I was thinking about what to write about this week since nothing’s really “happened” except for the usual adult/parent things. I HAVE been super stressed out about something in particular, but it’s nothing bad. I’ll talk about it once the “happy ending” comes because I know it will 😉


My breastfeeding journey

nursing AdrianThis pic started as an IG post then turned into a blog post because I had so much to say on the topic.

My original IG post:

#gymnurstics lol. Adrian was nursing on my lap then wanted to get down and stand while still nursing. That’s just one of the many positions he does. In bed he goes crazy. Such an acrobat lol. I’m so grateful to have learned so much more about breastfeeding since I had Gabriel. I wanted to BF him 6 months and went 4, Ariana 12 months and went 11, and Adrian 12 months which we accomplished. We’re still going strong and will continue indefinitely.