The konmari method

konmari method book coverI believe everything happens for a reason, but¬†that still¬†doesn’t stop me from getting frustrated when things don’t turn out like I was expecting {I’m a control freak remember?}. I also believe everything is energy, thoughts are things, there are way too many “coincidences” for them to just be that, etc. I’m pretty much all about the¬†“woo”, but anyway my point in mentioning all this is my belief that our physical environment affects our mental state.


The journey vs the destination

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So yesterday I had another call with my life coach. The topic each week is different since it’s up to me to let her know what I’d like to talk about that particular week. Yesterday it was about me wanting to¬†figure¬†out a way to break my life vision down into baby steps because I’ve been frustrated by constantly having multiple things on my to-do list that I can’t accomplish¬†and then repeating that cycle day after day.