my life vision snippetSo last week I wrote about why I hired a life coach. I was going to also write about how I came up with my life goals but the post was already a bit long so I decided to save it for this week.

How did I even decide I wanted to prepare life goals anyway? I think we all have life goals of some sort but might not necessarily take the time to write them down. I know that was the case for me until a couple of years ago. I worked with one of my friends/fellow BETA group members Melinda on our daily/monthly/one-year/five-year/ten-year life goals. They were great and worked for us at the time, but we didn’t categorize them so they might not have necessarily reflected everything we wanted in all aspects of our lives.

Several months ago as I was trying to get my life more organized, I decided to revamp my goals and looked up “life goal categories”. I took categories and explanations from two websites to help guide me. They were super helpful so I want to share them with you here and here in case you’re interested in doing this too but need some guidance. I then combined categories I felt were similar, deleted ones I felt didn’t necessarily apply to me, and added my own.

I now had the categories, but had only written out my goals in two or three categories – probably because I never had a set time to dedicate to it, so I would always forget about it even though it was important to me. This is where Francesca came in 🙂 She helped me out during our first session by asking me to prepare an “I am” or a vision statement for each category. I did just that and finished my life vision shortly after that because I knew what I wanted – she just helped get the ball rolling and made it super easy for me to put my thoughts down on “paper”.

Ok so before I get into the categories, I have to admit that I’m OCD-ish and initially had nine categories, but wanted an even number so that was part of the reason I added a category lol, BUT I will say that I’m happy with all the areas I chose because I feel that they work perfectly for my life right now. They could change down the line and I’m fine with that. They should, as I start accomplishing life goals and setting new ones. Sooo without further ado – here’s my life vision!

  • spiritual
    • I am a mindful and peaceful person who practices the spiritual aspects that appeal most to me.
  • personal development
    • I dedicate at least one hour/week to personal development and read at least one book/month.
  • self care
    • I follow a self-care routine and have a daily/weekly/monthly schedule that keeps me organized, focused, and motivated.
  • health/fitness
    • I have a great personalized diet, work out 3-4x/week, and can do all my fitness goals.
  • romance/relationship
    • I go on at least one date/month with Damien and we have us time every night.
  • family/home
    • I am a peaceful parent who enjoys being able to spend so much quality time with my family because our schedule is so organized and all the chores have been taken care of for me.
  • business/career
    • I have a successful business I love because it allows me to have work/life balance, focuses on my personal finance and entrepreneurship passions, and runs with little 1:1 involvement from me.
  • finances
    • I live in our dream house paid for in part by my business since I have a home office, and I invest in myself more often because I can afford to since I have a great retirement plan in place.
  • fun/social
    • I take at least one vacation/year with Damien and one with my family, I do at least one fun activity/month, and I text or call at least one different person/day to catch up.
  • public service
    • I am part of an organization that helps less fortunate people get back on track personally and professionally and also have an outlet to spread positive news.

So what do you think? Do you have your own life goals? Did you get inspired to prepare your own? Let me know! 🙂