Happy mid year! 🎉

I spent the last day and a half trying to come up with an update post and realized the easiest/most natural would be a goals update focusing on a sub-goal within each category in my ML planner.

Before I start, I’ll mention that my word of the year is ACTION, and I’m proud of how I’ve let go of my perfectionism and have kept moving forward in each area.

    • My sub-goals are organization, habits, routine, schedule, and planning. I have consistently continued to plan, even if I missed a day in my week, a week in my month, or a month of goals in my quarter. I realized I don’t HAVE to have every section filled in order to be successful in planning. All that matters is that I pick up where I left off and “back plan” if necessary.
    • My sub-goals are hobbies, rest, accomplishments, and social. I finally caught up on my “trash TV” show JSFV and got suckered into watching DSAL2 by my sister because I can’t get enough of JS haha. It’s been so nice having some “fun” and a mental break from everything going on.
    • My sub-goals are learning, growth, activism, and reading. I was on a roll in May and read THREE books when I went away for MDW and unintentionally unplugged from SM after having already cut back on my time on it.
    • My sub-goals are QT, peace, fam, parents, and friendships. One of the two biggest realizations I’ve had recently is *how* I want to deepen my friendships. I realized while I wanted to maintain a lot of friendships, they’re a lot of “work” and what I really want is “quality/deep” over “quantity/casual” relationships.
    • My sub-goals are fitness, diet, and maintain. I have kept up with my health & wellness routine and am looking to slowly build more good habits.
    • My sub-goals are journal and mindfulness. This is the other big realization I had. I realized how my energy was being drained by SM and did something about it. I’m being more intentional with my time and have been focused on my growth in all other areas of my life.
    • My sub-goals are control, automate, budget, save, and invest. I’ve finally gotten into a great routine with my budget check-ins and interestingly enough, I think trying out paper budgeting which ultimately didn’t work for me actually helped me consistently check in. I also FINALLY did my taxes!
    • My sub-goals are purge, furnishings, maintenance, clean, and meals. I have officially “reorganized” every area of my house and it feels great. I’m looking forward to continue working on “homemaking/making our house a home”.

While this has definitely not been the year any of us expected, 2020 has definitely given me great vision, and I look forward to tweaking my goals and seeing what I can accomplish in the 2nd half of the year.

Aside from the obvious, how has the first half of the year gone for you?