Sky on fire – captured on my way back from the gym the other day #suckerforsunrises

Well first off – happy new year! ?

Just realized when looking at my blog that I hadn’t written a “formal” update aka blog post since October so here I am.

So what’s changed since then? My last post was mainly a health update so I guess I’ll start there. I’m still going to the gym first thing in the morning but it’s not as early as I used to go. That will change soon enough because my work schedule is changing and I’ll need to be out of the house super early so that’ll be fun ?

Hmmm maybe I’ll start talking about life goal category updates in order to have some consistency. Once a quarter is sounding good to me as of now and it’ll help keep me accountable because I’m supposed to be checking in quarterly in my planner anyway.


I have 10 life goal categories that can be broadly broken up into self, family, and others, but I like to break them down further:

  • SELF:
    • Spiritual
    • Health
    • Personal Development
    • Financial
    • Business/Career
    • Marriage/Relationship
    • Family
    • Home
    • Social
    • Public Service

2019 GOALS

Typically I would’ve had my 2019 goals set already, but with the craziness of family over for the holidays I never really had a chance to sit down alone and think.

SO – here are my draft 2019 goals that I’ve written down online over the past week or so without referring back to my life vision or 2018 goals yet. I aim to be as transparent as possible online, but had to leave some out for privacy reasons. You understand right? ?

    • Invest in my spiritual growth
    • Make a list of natural remedies
    • Complete a Whole30
    • Accomplish at least one fitness goal
    • Start a YT channel
    • Read a book/month
    • Listen to IWP & GTD podcasts
    • Earn recurring income from biz
    • Launch group coaching program
    • Pursue professional development
    • Have a monthiversary date night
    • Have a monthly game night
    • Create a yearly photo book
  • HOME:
    • Set up command center
    • Monthly mom night out
    • Donate my time

So there you have it! I may come back with “final” 2019 goals, but at a minimum I’ll be back in April with a Q2 update ?

Have you set your goals? If so, have you physically written them down? Care to share them with me? I want to hear them!