In and out of the gym before the sun rose today – who am I?

I went from waking up with hubby and the kids ~615am these past 4 weeks, to waking up at 530am these past 2 days, to now wanting to wake up at 5am starting tomorrow. I’m addicted.

I actually woke up both days at 525am {thanks to L} and wasn’t exhausted/hating life because I’ve also been intentional about going to bed on time so I can get ~7 hours of sleep. I’d love to get 8 but that’d mean going to bed at 9pm and I’m not ready for that. Plus I went to sleep at 9pm the other night because I was EXHAUSTED and woke up at 4am and could’ve legit stayed up because I felt good and well rested, so I think 7 hours may work. We’ll see.

I thought it was going to be hard because I’m a night person. I remember the days my mom used to have to rip the covers off me so I could wake up for school and even then I don’t think I got up right away haha. I read something the other night from Michael Hyatt where he says so many people say they’re not morning people as if it were an immutable fact and I’m like he’s so right. It’s basically an excuse. I have goals to accomplish and getting up early to accomplish some of them is what makes sense at this point in my life.

I’m currently working out M-F – strength training 3 days/week and cardio 2 days/week. In addition to working out, I have to start pumping since I’m going back to work next week and I want to get one session done in the early morning. I’d also like to incorporate reading for 15 mins while I pump because I haven’t been doing a great job of reading at night, so I’m excited to see how that goes!

Not only have I been intentional about sleep/wake-up times, but I’ve also streamlined what I need do in the mornings so I can get out the door faster. It was taking me 30+ minutes which wasn’t acceptable to me. Hubby would have to wait around for me and get into work later which in turn meant getting home later and I’m trying to avoid that since part of our reason for moving down was to have him home earlier.

I started picking out my gym clothes the night before. This sounds so tiny but is HUGE! I think it’s the first time I’ve ever done it and knowing I have one less decision to make in the morning is great. I also bought deli turkey for a pre-workout snack so I don’t have to boil eggs. I could boil them the night before, but I’m usually eating them again for breakfast anyway so it’s great to have a different protein source.

The BIGGEST change of all? My MINDSET. It sounds simple, but our mind is such a powerful thing and can easily talk us out of things. But it got to a point where I was tired of saying “I want”, so I switched to “I’m doing”. Sometimes being fed up is the motivation we need.

I started off with one of my health goals which was to start working out again in a gym. I didn’t have a workout routine in place, but I was done using that as one of my excuses. I did cardio, and since then found a workout routineĀ  Now that I’m in a routine with that, I’ll keep building on it by adding on personal development with reading in the AM. I find that when you start working on a goal, you start accomplishing other goals as well because of that momentum.

Hopefully this motivates you, especially if like me you’re “not a morning person”. What are some goals you’d like to accomplish? What’s holding you back? Do you need an accountability partner? Let me know! Let’s do this! ?