I did it! So proud of myself ?

Woohoo I completed a round of Whole30! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a 30-day elimination diet/food reset. No gluten, dairy, soy, legumes, sugar, alcohol, and I’m sure I’m missing other culprits. It’s supposed to reset your relationship with food and give you “food freedom”.

I’m going to answer some questions and give my thoughts on it:


Protein/vegetables/fat. Sounds simple but is harder than it looks because a lot of foods have hidden ingredients like sugar.


Honestly, mainly because I was hoping to get a flat stomach out of it lol. I figured there was a food(s) causing bloating so I wanted to get to the bottom of it. Still no 6-pack but working on it through exercise ?


Yes and no. I was already eating pretty healthy so it wasn’t “hard” compared to others who had to detox from things like wine and sugar. It was hard in the sense that I had to prepare most of my meals from scratch because of those hidden ingredients in store-bought food. It sucked when hubby and the kids ate something like a pretty clean rotisserie chicken that was something like “chicken, water, rice flour, and salt” and I couldn’t have it because of the rice flour OR going to five guys and not being able to have their fries because they were cooked in peanut oil and weren’t homemade.


I plan to eat whole30 as often as possible since I was basically eating 90% compliant beforehand anyway, but won’t stress if I have something like a piece of dessert here and there. That’s what #foodfreedom is all about.


  • Baby steps. I slowly adjusted my diet vs going cold turkey.
  • Plan. I’m boring and eat the same weekly meal plan, but some people need variety.
  • Prep. This will save a ton of time. I could’ve prepped more but was too lazy which is why I spent more time in the kitchen than I would’ve liked {like making omelets from scratch vs premade veggie muffins}.
  • Research. I’m part of a ton of W30 groups and even though I didn’t finish reading the book, I had stalked the groups enough to the point that I became self taught.
  • Accountability. I did W30 on my own, but I had the mindset and knew nothing was going to stop me. Maybe you want to have someone do it with you or check in with you each day to see how things are going.

Have you done a Whole30? If yes, how’d it go? If not, would you consider it? Let me know if you have any other questions for me!