So I got FB censored as spam earlier today for a comment I made where someone was asking for proof that Bill Gates mentioned digital certificates. I provided the Reddit link I share below and a minute later I got the above notification. I clicked “disagree” and all they did was give the BS excuse that they’ll use it to make future improvements.

I’m beyond furious with people thinking Bill Gates is some kind of savior. I posted about this in my stories but wanted to post about it on my blog so it stays up permanently for me to refer others to and so that IG, FB, or Twitter don’t censor me.

So what are my problems with him?

  • He has NO experience when it comes to vaccines. As far as I can tell he was a software developer and didn’t go to medical school. When did he become the go-to person to talk about them – simply because he has billions of dollars?
  • He stated in his 2010 TED talk around 4:40 that if we do a really great job on new vaccines we can lower the world population by 10-15%:
  • He stated in his Reddit AMA on 3/18 that eventually we’re going to have digital certificates to see who has received vaccines. I saved and highlighted the below screenshot before it “disappears”, but it can be found buried at this link: Why does he or anyone need to know who’s received vaccines? Are the unvaccinated going to be prevented from leaving their house, going to school, getting a license/job, or traveling unless they get vaccinated?
  • If he truly cared about the world, why wouldn’t he spend his billions getting third world countries up and running with things like sanitation, clean water, education, businesses, etc? What good are vaccines when your quality of life is poor because you can’t afford to buy shoes or your next meal?

I may add to this later but for now I needed to get this off my chest.