Foam rolling my shoulders and arms after an upper body workout this week. I love all the bright colors hehe.

The universe played the biggest April Fool’s joke on me. I decided late last week to take Monday off because I needed a mental health day to do nothing but brain dump everything in my head. So what happened?

After finding backup and letting my manager know, L got sick, so I ended up canceling my day off and working from home with her laying on me. She ended up being sick pretty much all week. Talk about irony – needing a day off and the universe being like “sure” then “haha jk you’re a mom – no days off” ? It’s ok – I’ll take off another day once she’s all better and am super grateful to have a flexible job.

On another note, it’s time for my April update! If you read my last blog post, I mentioned how at a minimum I’d blog quarterly so here I am! Ideally I’d like to do it at least once a month, but baby steps 😉

    • Invest in my spiritual growth – I signed up for the Harvest & Moon Sisterhood.
    • Make a list of natural remedies – n/a
    • Complete a Whole30 – just restarted 4/1!
    • Accomplish at least one fitness goal – can do pushups, now on to dips.
    • Start a YT channel – n/a
    • Read a book/month – n/a
    • Listen to IWP & GTD podcasts – n/a
    • Earn recurring income from biz – n/a
    • Launch group coaching program – check!
    • Pursue professional development – in process.
    • Have a monthiversary date night – n/a
    • Have a monthly game night – we’ve been doing movie nights!
    • Create a yearly photo book – n/a
  • HOME:
    • BUY DREAM HOME! – we’re house hunting!
    • Set up command center – check!
    • Monthly mom night out – I think we missed scheduling something one month, but I’ve gone to all planned events so far!
    • Donate my time – in process

I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised at already having accomplished some goals ? I started off thinking nothing got accomplished since I hadn’t been making what I felt was a formal effort, but this just goes to show things don’t need to be “perfect” to start.

How are you doing with your goals? If you’re looking for support and accountability, it’s not too late to join my group coaching program. Tonight is your last chance to sign up for FREE your first month!