I find it easiest to describe myself in bullet points…

  • I’m happily married to the love of my life and a mom of 4!
  • I’m a personal coach currently running an online group coaching program and also work in Corporate America.
  • I’m a planner girl obsessed with digital and paper planning.
  • I’m into health & fitness. I work out 5 days/week and try to maintain a clean diet.
  • I have a passion for: personal development, entrepreneurship, personal finance, being my own version of “crunchy”, and helping you living your dreams.
  • I moved from NJ {where I was born & raised} to NC in 2018.
  • I’m sharing my life with you to because I aim to keep it real on social media, and to hopefully inspire you to live your dreams.

With that being said…

Welcome to Life As Annie 🙂