Bill Gates


So I got FB censored as spam for a comment I made where someone was asking for proof that Bill Gates mentioned digital certificates. I provided the Reddit link I share below and a minute later I got the above notification. I clicked “disagree” and all they did was give the BS excuse that they’ll use it to make future improvements.

I’m beyond furious with people thinking Bill Gates is some kind of savior. I posted about this in my stories but wanted to post about it on my blog so it stays up permanently for me to refer others to and so that IG, FB, or Twitter don’t censor me.

So what are my problems with him?



Keys to the house!

Happy birthday to me! ? I figured I’d write June’s blog post on my birthday, especially after finally having a bit of down time after the hecticness of this month.

We did it! After 10 years of house hunting, we FINALLY bought our hopefully forever home. It was quite the experience so I wanted to share it with you.


I did Whole30!

I did it! So proud of myself ?

Woohoo I completed a round of Whole30! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a 30-day elimination diet/food reset. No gluten, dairy, soy, legumes, sugar, alcohol, and I’m sure I’m missing other culprits. It’s supposed to reset your relationship with food and give you “food freedom”.

I’m going to answer some questions and give my thoughts on it:



{started writing yesterday and finished today}

Thursday morning workout ✔️

I was thinking about what pic to post today. Sunrise? I got out the house too late and missed most of it. Legs while doing leg extensions? That could work. Then I felt sweat dripping down and was like naaa this is it ? If you can’t already tell, I love “real” pictures {even if I do add a little filter sometimes}.

So today I want to real talk about something I don’t usually talk much in detail about – work. While working out, I heard a lyric “I really cannot wrap my head around the fact it’s taken me this long to finally realize I’m fantastic”.


April 2019 update

Foam rolling my shoulders and arms after an upper body workout this week. I love all the bright colors hehe.

The universe played the biggest April Fool’s joke on me. I decided late last week to take Monday off because I needed a mental health day to do nothing but brain dump everything in my head. So what happened?